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1st STEAM Nursery In EGYPT

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A new Way To Change Kids Learning Future

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EduZone STEAM Learning Center, delivering problems-based project - based programs reflecting on their real-life in enjoyable learning way using the latest technologies and gamified education.


Kids lose their passion for learning


- Denying their quests

-Forcing them to memorize theories

-No Real-Life Application for theories

Subjects are taught separately without connections or integrations across the subjects.

Education is irrelevant to life applications, up to date inventions, and future jobs.

Egypt is ranked 129th

 for Overall Education

 Quality for 2018, meanwhile Egypt has great potential of Inventors.


A Girl Looking at a Physics Model
STEAM Integration

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics integrated learning. 


Provide problems- & project-based programs reflecting on their everyday life.

Educational Toys

Providing enjoyable learning way through gamified education for specific targets.

Design Book

Our Vision

Shaping Future Tech-Kids integrating their skills with worlds’ new technologies.

Meet The Team

Don Francis

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Founder & CEO

Tess Brown

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Office Manager

Kevin Nye

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HR Lead

Ashley Jones

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Tech Lead

Lisa Rose

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Product Manager

Alex Young

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Customer Support Lead

Our Clients

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